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Miranda can be children led Michael Kors JET SET EXPERIENCE fashion show

Rapid changes of modern life traveling the world, how pleasing more stylish and comfortable? Yangcheng Evening News reporter as Michael Kors biggest fashion event - Jet Set Experience Guangzhou exclusively invited to the party newspaper media, to bring you the current fastest rising New York fashion light luxury brand founder - Michael Kors Jet Set's (refers to the style of dress, casual style luxury-oriented) fashion experience.

Michael Kors impression sketches

Leo man is a high-profile or low-key? Let Michael Kors himself to answer your question.

Eyes of ordinary people, he should be a high-profile - he founded the New York fashion is currently the fastest growing luxury brand of light, but also creative director of Celine's ever done. He won the Council of Fashion Designers of America award for "Best Women's Designer" and "Best Menswear Designer" title, was chosen by Time magazine last year as the world's 100 most influential people in the industry unquestionable status . But at the same time, the general public are more exposed to him, he served as judges at the Emmy TV reality show "Project Runway" and even had a cameo personally popular U.S. drama "Gossip Girl" in the show, and "Gossip Girl" the two starring Blake Lively and Leighton Meester wearing Michael Kors regularly attend major fashion events.

But his high-profile clearly not the kind of bling.

Black jeans, black jacket, Michael Kors set himself the most common attire. The brand in Shanghai Hongqiao private hangar ever conducted most grand fashion event Jet Set Experience party, Michael Kors is but when reporters interviewed more than minimalist all-black attire, adds a pair of black sunglasses.

Everything short fine productive. Jet Set new series of grand release, only took 15 minutes to finish the show, then that is a private hangar big party. Reporters interview will also brief and powerful, no bullshit, come on the start, end and left, and even the scene does not leave time for reporters to take pictures, but there will be no lever handle the launch. The Leo Michael Kors, he is a true Jet Set style people.

Interview: Design and chat live together

Yangcheng Evening News: Many fashion designers do not like to come to the stage, often only come out after the conference to accept what the audience applause. Why you would be so actively involved in a variety of film and television programs, often walking in front of the stage?

Michael Kors: traditional designer, perhaps only behind the scenes Haojiu Hang clothes design does not require frequent went to the front, facing different customers. But things are different now, the designer himself will often meet with clients directly, often done throughout the world of fashion publishing, feel free to communicate with customers. I am very fond of pop culture, whether something new music, movies, television, will bring new ideas. When I suddenly had an idea, for example, found a bag with a green well, maybe I put this little idea sent to the Internet, and many people point like, so I think I should come out more and more directly, more people to receive information.

And I found that different people have very different places. Women like New York is very avant-garde, if she does not like one pair of shoes, she will direct the shoes off. The Eurasian women are not so direct communication.

Yangcheng Evening News: Who has influenced your biggest fashion design?

Michael Kors: Mother biggest impression on me. She will not make adding comments on my design, but she would comment. She is my best fashion commentator. Although I do most of the work was not designed for her age of this, such as skirts and the like, so I am not fit to whether she wore as a standard, but if she is willing to wear, whether to enjoy as standard.

Yangcheng Evening News: How would you define modern society Jetsetter and Jet Set Style?

Michael Kors: Jet Set visual style is much more than fashion, but should be a global lifestyle - in a busy life, how confident calmly show themselves. Jetsetter may refer to travel around the world, "trapeze", it could be a busy day, four were shuttling back and forth. They need while maintaining the look beautifully functional clothing. Only comfort to the ultimate modern.

Yangcheng Evening News: New Jet Set design concept design series when?

Michael Kors: Before the 1960s, the rich people how to live? They travel packages to the world. After 60 years, they hope to soon on the ground plane, go to the destination. And now, the rhythm faster. In my case, I'm late Monday in New York this week to attend Met Ball, the next day I came to Shanghai to see you, my weekend in Milan, and next week I will be back to Capri - so we wants to escape to a desert island, right?

Therefore, in the design of Jet Set, I would like to return to the concept of yin and yang. Why do we need a large wardrobe of clothes, and not just a bag, a pair of shoes, a jacket, and then whether to New York metropolis like Shanghai, or go to Capri, St. Moritz resort, all look the same delicate charm ? I think, the best clothes should be to make us feel both fresh and familiar, comfortable and elegant. Too practical may be too boring, too avant-garde and easy to want to wear, so to achieve coordination of yin and yang.

Yangcheng Evening News: Your personal style is simple and stylish. You can simply describe your style of youth do?

Michael Kors: very avant-garde style of dress I was young - living in the seventies and eighties, how likely is not the style! But since then, I have gradually developed a way of dressing fit almost all occasions: black T-shirt, cashmere coat, black or white pants with a pair of aviator shoes.

Yangcheng Evening News: When you travel, what do you think is the most important single product? And a woman's everyday wardrobe, what is essential for a single product?

Michael Kors: the first is certainly sunglasses, because it can block your air travel and eyestrain. Second, I think there should be a black jacket. Because no matter what the season, even if you're just wearing a pair of jeans, put on a black jacket, will immediately become a type.

If you want to say every woman's daily wardrobe and ultimately a single product, then I would think is: a white jeans, a cashmere sweater, a pair of Aviator shoes, a Michael Kors gold watch - a fast-paced, minimalist style, make you look glamorous.